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The Official Vintage Story

Welcome to Official Vintage! Where you'll find amazing, affordable vintage clothing online. Over the past eight years, we’ve grown from a small online shop with weekly drops of 50 items to a vibrant store in Melbourne with over 2,000 pieces instore and weekly drops of 400-500 items. Check out our store www.officialvintage.com.

We know life’s getting expensive, so we’re here to help, with the Introductory of the Official Vintage Club—your ticket to amazing deals. For just $19.95 AUD per month, you get access to our weekly drops of at least 50 items, all under $20. These pieces usually retail for $60-$120, so you’re getting a steal!

By joining, you’re not just saving money—you’re also supporting sustainable fashion. Every vintage item you buy helps reduce waste and fight fast fashion. Plus, as our community grows, so will our drops, giving you even more choices.

Stu, Tyler & Brooke

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